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DOG WALKING (within a five-mile radius of Almondsbury)


Kate's Kanines offer a dog walking service tailored to suit your every need - from occasional to five days a week, young to old, livewires to laid-back.


We offer 45-minute walks, either on or off the lead (with your written consent).


We walk small groups of dogs, which is great socialisation and they all have fun playing with their friends.


We will collect the dog from your home in our large four-caged van, and return them tired but happy.  We always make sure your dog is towel dried, has fresh water, and is comfortable before we leave.


We are fully insured and issue each dog with an identity tag to wear whilst in our care.



DOG VISITS (within a five-mile radius of Almondsbury)


We offer a visiting service when a longer walk is not required. This service is ideal for puppies, elderly or anti-social dogs.


We will visit for 15-20 minutes once or twice a day to let your dog out in the garden for a run around or alternatively take them for a quick stroll around the block - with lots of fuss and cuddles of course!


We are more than happy to feed or administer medication on a visit too. And there is no extra charge for more than one dog!


(this is not a suitable service for dogs being left overnight)





I can help with behaviour and training issues from basic puppy training to pulling on the lead, jumping up, excessive barking, separation anxiety, chewing the furniture, aggression, and so on.


My methods are stress-free, gadget-free, non-confrontational and achievable by anyone. The sessions take place in your own home where both dog and owner can feel at ease and last for an hour. I will do as many sessions as you like so it's completely flexible, unlike many group sessions.


Although you may well see improvements in just one session I do not offer a "quick fix", I work on the route of the problem rather than just cover it up. This can take time and requires a real commitment from you but I will be just a phone call away if you need some advice and reassurance. And as I said, I will come back as many times as necessary.


If you would like a chat about my training and behaviour sessions do just give me a ring or drop me an email.


Please note I will travel for up to an hour from Almondsbury for behaviour and training sessions but mileage will be charged over 10 miles away, at 45p/mile.



CATS (within a five-mile radius of Almondsbury)


Cats are much happier staying in their own home while their owners are away. We can visit your cat for 15-20 minutes once or twice a day to feed, change water, let them in or out, clean a litter tray and of course give lots of fuss and cuddles.


We are also more than happy to administer medication while you're away.


We can take in the mail, turn lights on/off, draw curtains, put out the bins and water plants while you're away at no extra charge.


...and there's no extra charge for more than one cat. 





We help to care for a wide range of pets from bearded dragons to guinea pigs, and chickens to goats. If we can help we will, so please call to discuss.

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